About RMS

The Challenge

You have a close to impossible task: regardless of the size of your congregation, congregants expect their clergy and leadership to be there for more than religious and spiritual guidance; they expect clergy to know them, to be there during moments of joy, and especially during the most difficult times. 

But let’s be honest: you have a lot going on. It can be overwhelming to keep up with everything and everyone, yet remembering the big and little life events are critical to building a strong, thriving congregation and community.

This is why we created Relational Managing System.

The Solution

Relational Managing System, a desktop and app-based program created by a rabbi for rabbis, is your all-in-one communication tool to ensure no one gets lost in the shuffle. Once you set up the program on your computer, you can access it on your cell phone, making it easy and efficient to stay in touch on the go. The testimonials confirm: reach more congregants, more meaningfully and more efficiently, all in less time.


Because we envision a vibrant Jewish world where technology can better serve us.

RMS was created by a rabbi out of the central need and desire to eliminate potential disappointments and failures by utilizing easy-to-use software where clergy can create stronger synergy and better relationships with your congregations.  It’s that simple.

Never worry that you forgot to follow up with any issue – be it illness, a simcha, a death, a birth, anything – when you use our fully customized mobile app always accessible when you’re on-the-go. You set the reminders, frequency and type of phentermine online.

Perfect for any size congregation and budget! Just how affordable? If you retain one member this year, it’s already paid for itself. 

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