Rabbi Aaron Bisno, Rodef Shalom Congregation

Rabbi Aaron Bisno, Rodef Shalom Congregation

I rely on RMS each and every day to help me stay in sync with my congregation and to keep me connected one-on-one with my members. I’m always learning new ways to use RMS so I’m even more connected to my people. They think it’s magic and that I’m a marvel. I could not be more grateful! Thanks, RMS!

Rabbi Keith Stern, Temple Beth Avodah

Rabbi Keith Stern, Temple Beth Avodah

The gratitude folks share when they get a mazel tov email for their anniversary or a birthday, or when they receive a text in which I’m checking up on them, is immense. This contact makes a difference in their lives. I cannot praise the creators of RMS highly enough. Their product has changed my life and, most importantly, the lives of my congregation, for the better. Without a doubt.

Rabbi Jeffrey R. Astrachan – Temple Beth Israel – York, Pennsylvania

Rabbi Jeffrey R. Astrachan

Temple Beth Israel

Serving a small, isolated congregation in Pennsylvania, it is incredibly important for my congregants to feel that extra special connection with their rabbi. With so many responsibilities falling on my shoulders, alone, it is often impossible to keep track of everyone’s needs. Since I started using the RMS program, I look forward to getting my list of congregants with birthdays, wedding anniversaries, anniversaries of the temple membership, surgery reminders, illness reminders, etc every morning when I wake up. What’s even better are the responses to my auto-generated texts and emails from congregants who love knowing that their rabbi has remembered an important moment in their lives.

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Rabbi Paskin – Temple Beth David

Rabbi David Paskin,
Temple Beth David,
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“TempleRMS helps me stay in touch with my congregants.
Every morning I log in, it tells me who has a birthday, who has an anniversary, it allows me to send them a message congratulating them with just a touch of a button via text message or email, it allows me to call them right from the app.

If someone sick and I logged the information it reminds me three days after, six days after however I set it up, to stay in touch with them, to check in on them.” Continue reading