Rabbi Jeffrey R. Astrachan – Temple Beth Israel – York, Pennsylvania


Rabbi Jeffrey R. Astrachan

Temple Beth Israel

Serving a small, isolated congregation in Pennsylvania, it is incredibly important for my congregants to feel that extra special connection with their rabbi. With so many responsibilities falling on my shoulders, alone, it is often impossible to keep track of everyone’s needs. Since I started using the RMS program, I look forward to getting my list of congregants with birthdays, wedding anniversaries, anniversaries of the temple membership, surgery reminders, illness reminders, etc every morning when I wake up. What’s even better are the responses to my auto-generated texts and emails from congregants who love knowing that their rabbi has remembered an important moment in their lives.

“Thank you so much for thinking of me, Rabbi.”

“It’s really great to know my rabbi cares about me so much!”

“How did you know it was my birthday? That’s what a congregation should be about!”

“I can’t believe you remembered that my brother passed 6 months ago. Thank you for that.”

“Really? You went out of your way to thank me for being a temple member on my 8th anniversary of membership? Wow!”

Set up any “triggers” you want. The more triggers… the more notifications. So long as you have the date-info in your database, the system handles everything else. And NO text/email is ever sent without your review and final approval… and an easy opportunity to edit any text before it gets sent.

Using the system is so easy once you’ve gone through some of your own necessary back-tracking to input important events in members’ lives. It’s also a great way to see what gaps exist in your own temple database records!!! You’ll know right away if you are missing a cell number or email address for someone.

Finally, I have never experienced such attentive customer support with any company… EVER. I have come to expect and appreciate a response from Ran or Yaron within hours… and sometimes minutes. I don’t think these guys sleep! Though, with one in the States and one in Israel, the timing always seems to work out that one of them is available (a brilliant plan, guys!!). 

Two words: Get it!